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Juntucha is located in Cochabamba, a city in central Bolivia. Cochabamba is the third largest city in Bolivia and has more than 800.000 inhabitants. The name Cochabamba comes from the Quechua words qucha (“more”) and pampa (“open space”). Residents call the city La Llajta but because of its pleasant climate, the city is also called “city of eternal spring”.

Rich history

The city has a rich history and has been inhabited for over 1000 years. First through different Inca tribes and later by the Spanish. On 2 August 1571 the city was founded on the instructions of the Spanish Viceroy Francisco de Toledo. Since the 19th century Cochabamba was an important agricultural center of Bolivia. Today Cochabamba is an economically active and progressive city.


There is a lot to see and do in Cochabamba. There are several universities and the student nightlife is vibrant. Calle España and El Prado are surrounded by lots of cafes and restaurants. Cochabamba is home to the largest outdoor market in South America: La Cancha. Other attractions include the 18th-century cathedral on Plaza 14 de Septiembre and the world largest statue of Christ, the Cristo de la Concordia. With its 40 meters, the statue is even larger than the famous statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

City of contrasts

Cochabamba is a city of great contrasts. The city center is modern and has lots of entertainment and activities. The suburbs on the other hand are deprived. They suffer from a lot of crime and poverty and often there is no electricity, sewage or pavement.