Spanish Course

Afbeelding met binnen, persoon, zitten, tafel Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingLearn Spanish abroad

Juntucha gives you the opportunity to learn and practice languages ​​in one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America: Bolivia. You will be in an extremely beautiful place abroad, where you will practice Spanish as part of the work for the activity you want to do during your stay in Bolivia, either as a volunteer or as preparation for your trip through Latin America. Is there anything better than this?


Learn to speak Spanish

In Juntucha we believe in learning Spanish by practicing it, because not only is vocabulary important and memorizing grammar, which you probably had done throughout high school. Only when you speak Spanish from the beginning, will you learn the language quickly. Well, that is what you are here for, right?

Juntucha guides you according to the corresponding linguistic level. Besides that, the classes are private and personalized to your wishes and special needs. Of course, you also learn the Spanish lexicon and Spanish speaking grammar, but the everyday practice of spoken language plays a very important role in learning.

Discover the Bolivian language and culture

Connecting to the local Bolivian language and culture is naturally at Juntucha. We introduce you to the Spanish language in a unique way. Besides learning Spanish words and grammar, you will also learn how to speak slang and specific Bolivian words like yapa (something extra with your purchase). And did you know Bolivian people often say ‘no ve?’ (did you know?) at the end of a sentence? Juntucha does much more than an average language school to help you understand the Bolivian Language and culture even better.