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Juntucha is located in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Juntucha means ‘coming together’ or ‘being together’ in Quechua, the language of the Inca, which is still spoken in large parts of South America. Coming together is central to Juntucha. Firstly, coming together in the place where you stay: Bolivia. Besides that, the teaching methods at Juntucha are connected with the local language and culture. In addition, coming together with your fellow students is important. At Juntucha there is much room for fun before, during and after the lessons. For example, we also offer all kinds of trips and tours you can attend! Being together is in many ways central to Juntucha.

Cozy, relaxed atmosphere

Juntucha is currently in development! We are actively working on a new location where our teachers can teach the students. We do our utmost best to make Juntucha feel like home. There is a garden with sofas where you can relax, drink fresh juices and talk to your fellow students. You can easily meet new people, so it is no problem if you come alone. There are different rooms, each with its own character. In this cozy and relaxing environment studying will no longer feel like a burden!

It is going to be amazing but it takes a little while before we can actually come together in this new place. In the meantime we still offer classes at temporary locations. You can choose whichever suits you best:

– Home schooling from your own (hostel) room or apartment
– Class in the teachers’ home
– Class in a café in Cochabamba
– Online lessons via Skype/Zoom

Spanish for beginners and advanced

Juntucha is open to everyone: young or old, student or employees, beginner or advanced. The teaching methods are modified per person. You can decide whether you only come to learn Spanish or also participate in all the fun, trips and tours!

Want to know more about Juntucha? Don’t hesitate and contact us, we would love to tell you more about it!